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This Explains A Little More

Martin is accused of stalking, harassing and accosting the brothers, who make up the band Hanson, at their place of business in Tulsa for months. She reportedly left “unwanted notes, gifts as well as keys to her apartment,” according to the petitions.

Tulsa County District Judge Sarah Smith ordered Martin stay at least 300 feet away from the Hanson brothers and their children.”


Choose your Hanson friends wisely…

I had been taking a little break from blogging but I couldn’t resist with this update. 

I almost would rather go alone to shows these days rather than deal with drama and crazy fansons. I actually prefer my international fanson friends because they aren’t as ummm let me put it this way “wackadoo” as some around here. Not ALL…but some. I’ll get excited and meet new fans only to realize they are linked with the crazies – then distance myself. 


Anyways – click the link and read the story. CRAZY! She’s not the only one with a restraining order either….