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Exposing Fakes and Identity Theft….Re: Hanson Yard Sale And Fanson creations (Massive Update) Sep 6th

This was posted on my timeline feed today. I already knew that the account was a fake and deleted her from my facebook awhile back – but just spread the word and be warned. Crazy people out there!

“Let me all tell you a little story about a girl named Maria Warren [Buccoo]. Maria is the owner of the fb group Hanson Yard Sale. One day Maria saw some photo’s that I, Jeanetta Roberts, was selling and wanted to make a purchase. The problem? She didn’t like my asking price. She got PISSED because I wouldn’t give her a price she wanted. So what happened? Long story short, I got banned from HYS and decided to start my own group so I could continue to buy/sell/trade with other fans … Maria didn’t like this, so she apparently made up a fake account..

Let me now tell you about a girl named Sarah Fanson – Maria Warren’s alter ego! Sarah is married to ISAAC CLARKSEN [Maria is a HUGE Isaac fan – whose real name is Clark for those who are unaware]. Sarah Fanson joined me on my page, The Fanson Exchange, and decided to start placing bids for her “dear friend Maria”. She would ONLY bid on those items! When she won, she would have them sent to her friends house and that address would always be either Maria’s address or her mom’s.

Sarah Fanson and Maria Warren also coincidentally work at the same place – Pizza Hut [oh I’m sorry.. Sarah Fanson just recently quit there.. you know.. since she’s now carrying sir Isaac Clarksen’s child]. They are both from Ohio. They both have the SAME twitter screen name!

These are only SOME of the coincidences that have been found. This girl really thinks she’s cute and pulling a fast move on everyone. Miss Sarah Fanson was DUMB enough to make me an admin on this page. So now that I know this – I removed her as an admin. I will be soon deleting this page.

Just wanted everyone to know the story. So we all know not to interract and deal with this amount of crazy. Aint nobody got time for that!! 


Dear Maria Warren and Sarah Fanson – Keep messing with me. I DARE YOU. You are 5 gallons of crazy in a 3 gallon bucket – and I don’t put up with crazy! So this is your one and ONLY warning. Keep it up and see what happens. Sincerely – Your worst nightmare.”

Please don’t add this sarah fanson to your facebook or accounts. She mainly uses it to stalk people who have already deleted her sorry ass from their facebook accounts. Maria also banned me from hanson yard sale and than tried adding me to facebook under “sarah fanson” – creepy! Also, feel free to get hooked up with The Fanson Exchange as a sellers group via facebook – honest people and no drama.

From the owner of Fanson Exchange via Facebook:

” Okay so I found the REAL sara on fb after some very reliable info fell into my lap. I had names, phone numbers, etc. So I sent the real sara a message explaining what was going on. Today I got a response that she saw my post on my page after I messaged her and she reported Maria! Apparently Maria used to go to highschool with Sara about 10 years ago and even she said “What a psycho!!” But, Maria was using the photo’s of her husband and her SON [saying the boy was her nephew]. Once I found that out I was really disgusted. As a mother myself I would be LIVID if I found out someone was stealing my CHILDRENS photo’s and spreading them online without my consent! That’s just 100 shades of WRONG. So… she’s been completely BUSTED – nothing she can say can get her out of it.. and she’s being reported. Ultimately what she has done is breaking the law by stealing someone elses identity and if real sara chooses to take it further – then Maria’s in deep shit!

Go home – You’re a Mess.

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Zac said what we all were thinking last night. What we think in every single show when we see that drunk girl foaming at the mouth and shouting obscenities during every single beautiful song they sing on stage ..not to mention we paid good money to hear that beautiful music and some of the time it’s shadowed by these kind of people. Listen up. Nobody is laughing with you, here. We are laughing at you and seriously want you to go home.

Ash Greyson ‏@AshGreyson 8h
That was a top 10 @hansonmusic moment EVER!!! Don’t mess with Zac!