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Fan Feature: To Be A Younger Hanson Fan….

“Being a 16 year old Hanson fan from England is not the most ideal of situations. I’ve just finished high school and I don’t have a job, ergo I am short of $800 (£517.97, thanks Google) to buy the Platinum Anthem Package. I really want that package, but I had to settle for Silver – still excellent, but do you know how much I want a custom Zac painting? I just think being a Hanson fan would be much easier if I was a 28 year old woman with 2 kids and a well-paying job, who has loved Hanson since 1997; instead, I was born in 1997. To put that into perspective, there was a poster of Hanson (advertising MMMBop, of course) up in the hospital when I was born. Which is something I was told when I announced in January 2012 that I had discovered and fell in love with Hanson. And I’m not even a casual Hanson fan, I’m a fan club member, I’m on the UK & Ireland Street Team, I know the lyrics to 98% of Hanson songs and sometimes I get very emotional over videos of Hanson concerts on YouTube. I’m seeing them on December 8th 2013, my first time seeing them live, and let me tell you now: I will cry untold amounts. It’s like all the ’97 Hanson hysteria (I have dubbed it “Hansteria”) that’s fizzled out over the years has been collected and transferred into me (which sounds a bit weird). I am a Hanson fangirl and I am (almost entirely) proud.

 – Amber-Louise, @ambertimelow (yes I also love All Time Low)” 

Thanks so much Amber, for sending that in!  Any other younger fans reading this? Leave a comment 🙂